Sugar Cookie

Vanilla cake baked with a sugar cookie-like rim, topped with a sugary buttercream frosting and dusted with organic sugar

Snicker Doodle

Cinnamon cake with cream cheese frosting, dusted with cinnamon and sugar

Black & White

Chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling and frosting, dipped in chocolate ganache

Pink Satin

Pink, white chocolate cake with a cream cheese frosting

Urk’s Ridiculously Chocolate

Five different types of chocolate! Two parts chocolate cake; chocolate ganache filling, chocolate buttercream frosting, sprinkled with chocolate shavings

Red Velvet Chocolate Chip

Moist red velvet cake baked with chocolate chips and topped with cream cheese

Lemon Dream

Fresh lemon cake topped with  sweet and tangy lemon zest cream cheese

Vanilla Bean Cheesecake

Rich and creamy cheesecake made with Madagascar vanilla beans

*Gluten-Free option available, contains coconut

Cookies n' Dream Cheesecake

Vanilla cheesecake with a chocolate cookie crumb crust

It’s Ya Birthday!

Vanilla confetti cake is mixed with birthday flavored cookies and topped with vanilla buttercream.

Also comes in chocolate!

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